Fashion influencer, Sunaina Kwatra advises upon changing modes of doing business in the pandemic – NewsX

NewsX was recently joined by Sunaina Kwatra on its special show, NewsX India A-List. She has been a part of the fashion and lifestyle industry for over 20 years. Being the fourth generation in her family of Indian origin living in Thailand, she is excited to be able to work in India. With the same fervor that she and her team has shown elsewhere she is determined to exhibit in India.

When asked about her professional journey that led her back to India, she said, Worked in five continents and travelled extensively. My last few roles have been with LVMH Group based out of Hong Kong. I started with them by being a regional head of Emilio Pucci which is a fashion brand based out of Florence. I managed their direct retail for Hong Kong, China, Singapore and the rest of Asia Pacific. Then I was hired by them to reposition the Givenchy brand for Asia Pacific where within three years I opened almost 30 stores in the region and oversaw almost 60 stores.

She continues, “After that when they offered me the position to come back to India I was thrilled for the opportunity. I am very proud to have a business and our team in India.

Sharing her insights about the tools and utilisations to achieve success in her career, the lifestyle influencer said,“My father used to travel and said that it is the best form of education. Today, I have an international exposure and experience in building people and growing businesses around the world. I am very commercially driven and passionate about building a good team and delivering excellence in whatever that I do. My end-to-end experience in network, finance, logistics have allowed me to be detailed oriented.

Sharing some good news about the changing strategies of businesses during the pandemic, Sunaina Kwatra said “The greatest lesson was to embrace the e-commerce and the online experience. The word “omni-channel” was a buzz word a decade ago, businesses had to integrate different methods to ensure shopping available to consumers. So, they had to expand their supply chain through localized fulfillment centers or direct to consumers, and e-commerce has been a key to successful businesses during Covid-19. Businesses had to be agile in different ways to reaching the consumers. The lockdown has led to less physical interaction and changed their ways in engaging with clients.

Addressing the curiousity as to whether e-commerce, quantum technology and AI influence the fashion industry, she answered “It goes without saying. Coming out of Covid-19 and the use of sustainable materials is a key focus for our brands. Materials that are not just good for the environment but also good for us is very important. We could have Augmented and Virtual reality for clothing, fashion. Many brands have done it successfully including Orbee Parker and Sephora. It is an exciting time where technology will enable future growth in retail.

While advising businesses how to cope up with the third wave, the experienced professional said “In the U.S where I live, there are lines in retail stores again as people want to embrace human connection. Businesses should focus on working on their omni-channels, integrate and improve their e-commerce presence, engage with their communities in social media platforms and really use technology to enhance their supply chain and logistics.

When asked if there will be a massive crowd after the lockdown so there is a massive push to the luxury sector, she said “Everyone wants to travel and get their lives to be filled with excitement and colour. So, I think fashion will take a key part when things start going back to normal.

In the end, Kwatra said, “Covid-19 has made us wary of our health. This is not just for consumers but for people who are part of the team. Safety is a good part of us feeling good to come back and shop again. My hope is that vaccines come quickly to India and overtime you will see that people will feel safe to come to shop.”


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