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Think about a few of these things before you go vote at the poll or mail in your vote.

Former Governor Terry “McAwful” wants to be your next governor (again) but he thinks that you should not be telling the experts on the School Boards what you think they should be putting in the school curriculum. Does this concern you or are you ok with it? How about getting back to reading, writing, and arithmetic for starters?

Terry McAwful also says that Mr. Youngkin is a rich millionaire and has made money off the poor people. (Would you want to entrust your 401K to someone who will invest it wisely and increase your return so you can have a nicer retirement or just give it to any company?)

Did McAwful tell you that he was the money man who raised/fleeced funds from big donors and corporations for Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party?

McAwful has also had some questionable companies: He cashed out his shares of one business (Global Crossings), took his $8.1 million and left. The business went bankrupt the next year. His Wikipedia page states he “gave 32 wealthy Chinese nationals EB-5 visas in exchange for $560,000 investments into GreenTech Automotive, which exceeded the Department of Homeland Security’s determined quota for GreenTech Automotive he was involved in.” You can Google this and find interesting stories.

Other than that, he has been in politics almost his whole life.

Have you ever wondered why these companies (hospitals, airlines, and big companies) are firing employees left and right for not getting a COVID-19 shot? Do you know that that if the employees do not get the shot and they do any work with the federal government, under executive (presidential) orders, the company could potentially get fined $70,000-plus per occurrence per person for serious violations and $720,000-plus for repeated violations? Just how long would any company last shelling out that kind of money? That, and no other reason, is why they are cutting employees. Now is that a “make jobs bill” or what?

What do you think of that great $15 per hour living wage? Have you noticed that when you go out to eat, the bill is like double now and service is scarce? That ripped the food industry apart, and a lot of restaurants will never return. How is that for a “make jobs bill?”

The Democratic-controlled legislature in Virginia added a few cents on the gas tax for I-81 improvements a few years ago. I have not seen any construction or talk going on with I-81.

And just how is that $3-plus gasoline price working out for you and your family now that the Democrats are pushing to go green? Ready to spend $50,000-plus for a new green car along with sending your kids to college and buying some groceries?

Be sure to not vote for Democrats and higher taxes in November.

Earl Gratzer

Frederick County 

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